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Scholarships for Private K-12 Schools

This page provides information about scholarship and voucher programs for private elementary, middle and secondary schools (K-12).

Most scholarship and voucher programs are need-based and require the family to complete a need analysis form. Most of the programs do not cover the full cost of tuition. Many require that the families make a minimum contribution toward tuition because they feel that this investment helps ensure parental involvement.

All scholarship and voucher programs are very competitive. Some are available on a first-come, first-served basis and some provide scholarships through random selection from among qualified applicants. Most have more qualified applicants than available funds.

The best source of information about financial aid for a private K-12 school is the school itself. Some schools award their own funds. Some scholarship programs do not accept applications directly, but instead award money to the schools who then select the recipients.

Please note that private K-12 scholarships are not listed in the scholarship matching services like FastWeb Scholarships. Those databases only list scholarships for postsecondary education and fellowships for graduate education. FinAid also has a separate section for college scholarships for children under age 13.

Scholarship and Voucher Programs

Referral Programs

A Better Chance refers academically talented students of color entering grades 6-11 to one of more than 300 private middle and high schools nationwide. Students must have a B+ or better GPA, rank in the top 10 percent of their class and perform at or above grade level in math and English. Financial aid, if any, is provided by the member schools and not by A Better Chance. Approximately 90% of A Better Chance scholars receive financial aid.

Advocacy Programs

The Alliance for School Choice is a national advocacy program for school voucher and scholarship tax credit programs. Their web site includes a database of state school choice programs.

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